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Hair loss can be very traumatic. But do not give up the “quality” while undergoing a hair transplant, says dermatologist city. In a recent case, a final year student of 22 years old, MBBS who underwent hair transplant in a lounge died the next day after surgery in Chennai. According to press reports, his death was caused by allergy to anesthesia, which was diagnosed. “It is not a rare case because many many patients get duped by these clinics petty and lounges shade. There are a lot of gray areas where patients are misleading,” said Rohit Batra, dermatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, here. Hair transplantation, which has become a thriving market requires medical knowledge. It is a dermatologist, plastic surgeon and anesthetist with other trained technicians. (Read ๐Ÿ˜• Planning a hair transplant expert 5 tips should consider )

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‘hair transplant treatments are now readily available even in clinics and petty beauty salons, but surgeries are performed by those who are either doctors or not doctors sometimes insufficiently qualified, ‘Batra said. Baldness, a problem that affects people as early as their twenties, the impacts of the personality and confidence of an individual. Patterns of baldness in men and women differ. While for men hair loss usually it occurs in the top and front of the head, whereas, with balding females or thinning occurs at the top and crown of the head often have diffuse hair loss on the top of your scalp. Genetic factors, such as aging, changes in levels of androgens (male hormones), menopause, family history, along with environmental factors such as stress, pollution, poor and sleep patterns altered are some of the common for hair loss in men and women reasons. (Read: is the method of FUE hair transplant income (loss hair day consultation) )

Medications, care and nutrition, can help prevent hair loss, however, in some cases, surgeons can transplant hair or reduce the area of โ€‹โ€‹bald skin . “Ideally, when someone is looking for hair transplantation, one must approach a dermatologist qualified staff that provide treatment that meets your expectations and that has an infrastructure to support the kind of treatment you are watching , “Batra added. People with cardiac risk, bleeding disorders or other health risk should also avoid performing hair transplant. With increasing hair transplant surgery, it is important to regulate medical technology is widely used. “His government time to intervene and prohibit those clinics that follow unethical and where there are professionals who perform these procedures risk life-threatening practices,” Batra said. (Read: 5 options of surgical treatment for hair loss )

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