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For many runners , the idea of ​​drinking a beer in the middle of a race is on somewhere on the scale between unpleasant and disgusting. However, for a special breed of broker, the two are a perfect match. These are the Milers beer. And his career – Mile beer – has gone from the stuff of legends to a full legitimate career with sponsors, athletes and race coverage streaming

Like many epic moments of history,. evolution mile beer began with a drink after the race in a bar. It was 1989, and seven Canadian riders in their late teens and early 20s were hot, tired, and looking for a way to have a laugh on a sweltering August night. Thus they were born a plan to become the rulebook for beer mile Drinking a beer , running around 400 meters on the track and repeat three times. That adds up to four beers and four laps – that is a total of a mile

As the seven ran and drank from his inaugural race, quickly realized that it was not the alcohol that would get him, he was. carbonation. Thus has introduced a first official standard mile of beer in the books. If you vomit, you have to run an extra lap

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At the end, there were no video cameras or fans cheering, but not he had an epic story of the seven friends who later go to school and share the story of mile beer with your new friends.

and as well, born mile beer.

a as more and more people hear mile beer, they were introduced more and more strategies to help competitors “train”. Straws, “shotgunning” (punching a hole in the bottom of the beer can to help your departure), using a beer with lower alcohol content. And more rules were introduced to keep things fair. No straws, without shotgunning, and beer had to have at least 5 percent alcohol.

Word Mile beer continued to spread among college students and forums track and field. In 1998, a student at Wesleyan University in Connecticut picked up the domain name published the original rules, and created a database where Milers beer could enter and compare their results. By 2004, with the rise of social networks, had about 8,000 entries. Today, the site has more than 93,000 entries and nearly 3,000 races.

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The event really took off in 2012 when Olympian Nick Symmonds, former Miler recreational beer from his days in college, he decided to see what its Olympic speed could do for him in the beer mile race. It registered a 5:19, setting what was then an American record for the mile beer, and posted a video of his career on YouTube.

The rest, as they say, is history .

in 2014, Flotrack – the website of track and field – hosted the first of beer Mile Championship history. In the event of 2015 they broke records for both the male (4: 47.0) and female (6: 08.0) races. Lewis Kent, the current world record holder, has recently signed a two-year sponsorship with Brooks, a shoe and athletic apparel company.

“It’s pretty surreal,” Kent, a student at the University of Western Ontario, said in an interview ESPN . “I’ve always loved to run and drink beer, but I never thought it would be considered world class for both.”

Intrigued? You want to try a mile from the beer of your own? In addition to following the rules mile beer official , note that you probably should not try a mile beer if you are a minor, if it is illegal where you live, or are not in full fitness drinking four beers while running fast.

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If these conditions do not apply, Josh Harris (currently No. 6 on the list of the best milers beer male with a time of 4 : 56.2) offers this advice: Choose a beer you like to drink and make sure it is not too cold (too frothy) or too hot (that’s just gross). When run, not run out so hard he is out of breath when it’s time to chug. Go easy enough in the first three laps and a plan to give cane (if possible) in the room.

The most important thing is to have fun, and make sure that, along with a video camera and a stopwatch to register your career, you have a designated driver to get home in one piece.

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