These cool shoes wrapped their feet like burritos

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Shoes can be so exhausting. There’s the part that has to fall on the feet. And the part where you have to tie laces.

However, the Japanese company that introduced these minimalist shoes with toes has a much simpler idea. Have been introduced shoes just wear around your feet, as a kind of burrito fabric.

Vibram Furoshiki shoes are billed as “Resistance of the sole that wrap around of your foot. ” They are for the most gomacon soles toe and a large swath of stretchy fabric that is wrapped around the feet and then adjust with Velcro.

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vibram furoshiki Not for athletic hobby, shoes are designed for more casual use. (Photo: Vibram)

StephenRegenold in Gear Junkie reviewed the shoes:

had this left shoe unaUnos years ago, runners “barefoot” the same ones that ate the FiveFingerslínea, could have bought the Furoshikis mass – the foot can move freely and “Feeling earth” is by nubes.Los molds tread cadabump or crack in the ground, and fabric extends what is sold as unasuperior that can adapt to any foot, from small to large.

Vibram says the concept shoes came from the Japanese custom of articles wrapping packaging web . Because they are so adjustable, shoes only come in five sizes. In the US, the shoes are available in five colors, ranging from black to denim.

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red Vibram furoshiki shoes There is nothing subtle about these shoes. (Photo: Vibram)

Tyler Lacoma in Gadget Review calls “one of the cool weirdest or most things I’ve seen today, depending on your pleasure.” Lacoma notes that while expensive shoes Fivefinger were geared towards runners, these odd shoes similarly aspect are for occasional use.

“Instead, these shoes are made more for clothes wear: Treat them like slippers, shoes, social or shoes you wear when they feel uncomfortable or pain … just can not wait to take them out for a beating, “writes Lacoma. However, $ 110, that’s not a very competitive price for a throw around the shoe says.

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vibram furoshiki rolled up Furoshiki Vibram shoes are portable and easy to carry. (Photo: Vibram)

shoes roll up and come with a small travel bag

Here’s how they work:.

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