Diet and exercise to reduce breast size naturally

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Diet and exercise to reduce breast size naturally ; exercises to reduce breast size

woman Everyone wants a well-endowed bust, but more often large breasts tend to be problematic. Back pain, neck, shoulder pain is something and how you can forget not find clothes that fit well? There are many ways you can reduce breast size, such as pills over the counter, using creams and lotions and surgical reduction but did you know that there is a cheaper and safer one to do so? He is exercising and following the right diet.

Breast tissue is composed of fatty tissue and thus the reduction in the percentage of body fat helps reduce breast size. Here are some exercises and diet tips Mihir Gadani, nutritionist and Co-founder FitCircle , which will help reduce the size of their breasts and solve your problem.

upper body exercises that focus on the chest with cardio exercises like running, jogging, cycling or swimming can help to tone and shape your breasts.
Pushups – Pushups not only to help tone on your biceps, which are excellent for toning the chest muscles. Get into a plank position with your arms shoulder width. Now bend your elbows and slowly go down. Return to original position. Repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times. If you find it difficult to do push-ups, you can simplify the exercises doing pushups against the wall.

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Chest Press To perform a chest press, lie on the floor or bench with dumbbells in each hand. If you are lying on the ground, keep your knees bent. If you are using a bank, make sure that your feet are on the one side of the bench and hit the ground. Once in this position, bring the dumbbells close to your chest and push up. Shoot them down to your elbows and shoulders are in a straight line. Use dumbbells weighing one or two kilograms, you can also use 1 liter bottles filled with water. Do 10 to 15 repetitions of this exercise. chest press helps to reduce fat around the chest.


Chest open shots

A dynamic cardiovascular exercise like outlets open heart is effective in toning the muscles of the chest fat reduction. 2-3 minutes to do this with increasing intensity. This exercise is similar to jumps, but raising their hands above your head, take in front of his chest.


double arm fly

This is a free weight exercise that helps reduce excess fat around the upper chest. To perform a fly double arm, hold the dumbbells in both hands and make the movement of the fly.

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Along with these exercises, should also focus on low to medium impact cardio and exercise a stationary bicycle, treadmill or elliptical trainer. Training for 30 minutes each day for five days.

diet If you’re following an exercise plan, make sure you are eating the right amount of food to replenish the energy expended. Eat a balanced diet and avoid follow fad or crash diets as it could lead to weakness. Include foods such as ginger, flax seeds, green tea, fenugreek and rich in protein such as nuts, soy or eggs in their diet. These foods help burn excess fat from your body, improving metabolism.

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