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astro health 3rd week of may


health prospects here they are not comforting. One or the other issue is bound to keep worries. Visit a specialist doctor for medication prescribed to help you enjoy good overall health. Ganesha advises you to take seriously the practice of yoga or meditation because it can really improve your overall well-being.


No serious health problem bother you here. However, severe Tooth ache or sore throat can disturb him. Take due care in this regard. However, if you have an existing disease that is persistent, you need to try some alternative therapy if your current medications are not working positively.


With respect to health, suffering from joint pains are having leading the pain of a difficult time. Do not use excessive painkillers pills. Eat calcium rich fruits and vegetables healing effect long term. There are chances of injury here. It is then take some time to heal the injured party. So be careful.


you will remain concerned about health here. Those who suffer from irregular blood pressure need regular checkups up to be aware of the changes. There is also a possibility of injury in an upper part of the body. Ganesha advises you to be careful when driving your vehicle on the roads.

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you need to stay healthy and feel energized here. No serious problem to catch up with you. However, if you have any problem bothers age, trying alternative medicine is working well in healing. Ganesha, however, advised not to take good health for granted and do something exercise on a regular basis to maintain fitness.


Influence of Saturn retrograde on your sample is a kind of threat to their welfare. With this in mind, be very careful with health issues. Disorder in the digestive system and the problem related to the system respiratory seems to be weak area. Any problem related to this need to be handled with appropriate measures to keep the issue under control.


Some minor health problem or another is to keep him interested. If slow digestion persists, consult a specialist doctor to prescribe appropriate medication to cure the problem. There is a possibility of physical harm, so Ganesha advises you to drive very carefully, and not to overexert yourself while jogging or any other type of exercise.

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Mars besides being ruler of your sign is also ruler of the 6th House, indicative of health problems. Transiting Mars in retrograde mode can lead to health issue of age comes to bother. Middle-aged and above must be careful, if you have persistent health problem of old. People who have blood pressure irregularities need to have regular check to control the problem.



The joint pain, toothaches are the areas that you need to be more concerned about. If you have any health problems old is bothering you for a long time, it is likely to come through alternative medicine to cure the problem permanently. This is the effect of smoothing courtesy of Jupiter on the sixth house, indicative of health problems.


Influence of the two largest planets in retrograde mode during the sixth house that can land a serious health problem. Therefore, remain very careful health. Problem related to any of the respiratory or digestive systems can keep bothering this week. Consult a doctor to prescribe a medicine to cure the problem.

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Businessmen have to cancel some debts not be recoverable, even after many follow ups. This is what happens when the planet concerned with money matters Jupiter, which are the subject of the shadow of malefic Rahu and being located in the 8th House, the sudden loss. no planetary movements seem this week to present new profit opportunity.


No serious health threat contemplated by now. You are to stay healthy and physically fit. However, if you have any health problems of age, being very careful about it. Under no circumstances drugs negligence or otherwise can aggravate the condition. It is possible to join a gym to improve your overall fitness.

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