Indian Prime Mr. Universe and body-builder, Manohar Aich dies at 104

Jun 6, 2016 | | Say something

Manohar Aich

The death of former Mr Universe Manohar Aich he has left the whole fraternity mourning body building. The 104-year-old Aich, who was an example to many renowned coachbuilders, breathed his last at his residence in northeast Baguiati Calcutta on Sunday afternoon. Champion bodybuilder Bengal Ashim Mallik, which is both shocked and saddened after hearing the news, said:.. “If you have not seen him perform live, which has lost something in life Very sad to hear about his death ‘Aich , which flexed its muscles in several countries, became Mr. Hercules and Mr. Universe in 1950 and 1952, respectively (Read: live simply, live longer ).

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the former Mr India Tushar Sil, who had been associated with Aich since 1975 indicate that it is a loss for the whole country. “it is a great loss not only of Bengal, but also India, ‘Sil IANS. Abstaining from using food supplements and medicines, Aich had a chiseled body that was the result of their determination to work hard. “His theory was gradually increasing exercise with increasing age,” Sil said. (Read: If you live near natural vegetation, will live longer: study )

Another former Mr India Damodar Chatterjee says leading a simple life and exercise until the last day of his life made Aich an inspiration to every athlete. “He used to say that sweat does not betray,” Chatterjee said. “I met him for the first time in the great Oriental circus where he showed performance power packed. She looked so great as your muscles heart. ‘Chatterjee added that if the next generation follows the path shown by Aich, they too will be blessed with a life long. (See:! Born in a small family it possible to live longer )

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Source: IANS

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