John Abraham becomes 42-5 things to learn from the actor

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John Abraham, the famous actor for his roles in the movies Dhoom and Desi Boyz turns 42 today. Abraham has been known for his hot body and has earned praise for his acting skills also with films like Smoke and Madras coffee. There is much we can learn from the super-fit, super sexy actor and here are five of the many things.

1. Make a body and mind


Few people on this planet can boast of having a body so torn and muscular as John Abraham. His trainer Vinod Channa recalls: “We had seven months to put in shape to Force People were surprised by how well his body became as it is very difficult to put in that much of the muscle.. after that, I trained him for the shooting in Wadala and Carrera 2. reaction to the body of John was also very good. Some people told him that even though we are raising more weight than you, you are getting the muscle bigger than us “

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on its website actor says.” it’s nice to look good, but should also fight for a healthy mind. Try to live a clean and responsible life. Be honest with yourself and those around you. Be considerate and respectful and behave with dignity. ”

2. Overcoming the problems seem huge

John Abraham has fought several difficulties in his life, like every person who has achieved success. Among the most difficult was his crooked nose, which is due to a deviated septum, which means a closed nose.

“I have something called DNS … deviated septum. So I have a pretty nose shut and breathe with mouth. That’s why I’m always breathing hard. But yes, my brother took me on his shoulders and left me on my nose. “Abraham said in an interview published

3. Quit Smoking

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Despite the fact that Smoke bombed at the box office obtained a set of fans and will be remembered as one of the bravest films made in Indian cinema.

“John smokes cigarettes in just the first 20 minutes of Smoke . There was smoke almost five packs a day [fifty cigarettes a day], and as that is not accustomed to the consumption of snuff what really gave him a hard time. after the last scene of smoking, John swore we would not touch a cigarette after that. Since it is very health conscious and had to play a soccer player in his next film Meta had to be cleaned and begin preparing for the role. he had no time to build his strength so he began exercising and the development of two hours a day for three months until your lungs fully elucidated “Anurag Kashyap, director of smoke said at noon.

4. Be charitable

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John Abraham believes in giving back to the society that has become so popular. Recently, he expressed his desire to build a treatment center for underprivileged children suffering from cancer. It has also been associated with PETA and several other charitable causes and organizations.

5. Do not be afraid to take risks

A decision that paid good dividends, the decision to produce Vicky Donor Abraham was seen as risky by many. However, he stuck with his gut and produced the film starring Ayushmann Khurrana. The film popularized sperm donation and the stigma associated with it is deleted.

Image source: Instagram account of John Abraham

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