Mukesh and Nita Ambani’s son, the shocking transformation of Anant Ambani: lose weight 108 kilos in just two years

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In the moment I read the paper today, I was surprised! Yes, literally shocked to see how Anant Ambani, Nita Ambani youngest son and Mukesh Ambani, has been transformed into a healthy individual and fit. And to be doubly sure about the news, I scrolled through social platforms and I was surprised with the news of being 110% true. With Anant Ambani is one of the major trends in Twiiter, I was really surprised with their new look and striking transformation. After spending some time in research, this is what I found.

Anant has lost about 108 kilos in a span of just two years (yes, it is possible). Clearly, the younger Ambani has lost a lot of weight within two years of time looking at their presence IPL in 2014 and the current images published by her mother Nita Ambani on twitter. This is what the proud mom Nita Ambani has tweeted, ‘#AnantAmbani yields 108 kilos, stuns family and friends !!’. She tweeted more “incredible transformation #AnantAmbani ! His effort was worth it and you look better!” Then Nita Ambani tweets about his son Anant impressive transformation.

If you are wondering whether this is due to bariatric surgery or any other medicine miracle, then you are wrong. Because reportedly having weight loss in the most secure way that is possible with the strict guidelines of diet and exercise to lose that extra flab and get fit in a healthy environment. If you are still wondering about Anant weight loss, here is a look at the photos before and after. Here are some tweets with photos of #AnantAmbani

say However, Anant Ambani is an inspiration to all who think shed 50 kilos or more is not possible. If you are one of them, get inspired and start working on your fitness goal with our true stories of weight loss . And if you have a healthy lifestyle and fit is what one is looking for, then go through our 365 days fitness plan without fail!

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