Try dropsets to add muscle size

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Try dropsets to add muscle size ; bodybuilder

If you want to grow bigger muscles and have been making regular 10-15 repetitions per set routine for a long time, then it’s time to give it a chance dropsets.

How do

Dropsets is a technique in which the weight to continue to exercise even after failure to reach a particular weight is gradually lowered. For example, you start by doing 10 repetitions of bicep curls with 25 pounds, after those 10 reps you can not go any further, so that the weight of 20 pounds reduced and make other 10 repetitions. You keep on weight reduction similarly.

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Do not take too much rest in the middle

One of the most important things while doing dropsets is to ensure that there is not much rest between sets. Why, it is best suited for machines where changing weights take less time. You can also do free weights, but may need a partner who helps you alternative pesos. Read more about how do pyramid sets.

It Hurt very badly

This technique will hurt and make your muscles very sore afterwards. However, if you want to add real muscle size, you’ll pay the price. As the old saying goes bodybuilding, ‘No pain, no gain!’

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