BEST FIRST AID: how to stop bleeding in 10 seconds

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Cayenne is a resource that is about 9000 years old and still used by Native Americans as a medicine. It belongs to the same family Solanaceae as potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants. Many studies have shown that this plant has many health benefits and medicinal, some of them preventing heart attacks and cold. Another thing that […more]

An incredible combination: you can not even imagine all the benefits of salt and sugar mixed

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As a remedy, this “magic sleeping pill” will spare every insomniac insomnia. Although not recommended in large quantities, salt helps reduce headaches, boosts immunity, raises the energy level of the body, balances the level of serotonin and electrolytes in the body and plus. Salt and sugar are not recommended in large quantities because they can […more]

The Multi drinks, a very effective drug: Improves blood count, works Anti-inflammatory, pain cure

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has long been known that antioxidants are the main substances that! interfere with the growth and regulation of free radicals in the human body, and these free radicals can lead to many diseases, including cancer. Turmeric is for a reason known as the queen of spices. Besides being used as a condiment, turmeric is an […more]

Make your own dry natural shampoo (For blondes, brunettes and redheads)

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can be made from ingredients you already have at home You’ve probably noticed that the market has more and more shampoo to wash dry hair. Maybe you have tried some of them. And did you know that some experts even argue that the occasional use of shampoo dry cleaning is much healthier than regular shampoo […more]

When you read How microwaves affect their health You will never use Again

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Microwaves are a part of every modern home and one of the most convenient in the kitchen appliances. But other than that, they are also one of the most dangerous applications you have in your home. Studies have shown that might not worth the risk. They have not only been implicated with infertility in men, […more]

Side effects of microwave

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A microwave oven usually called as a microwave oven, is an electrical appliance to heat cold food through dielectric heating which is caused by electromagnetic waves produced by microwave. It is commonly used to reheat previously cooked food and is also used to cook vegetables that cook quickly and easily. It uses less energy than […more]

Drink water at the right time to maximize its powerful effect

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Water is one of the highly blessed things that a human being is endowed with by nature and God. It is not only our daily routine requirement that we often take for granted, but is also used to serve a lot of other purposes in our lives. In fact, there are many hidden benefits associated […more]

Why milk is important to you?

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As a child he must have said many times to finish his glass of milk. It grew older, less consumption of milk and finally got his connection broke up with him. It’s not right? people like to drink caffeinated energy drinks infused considered healthy. AGREE! Some of them might be, but they are not as […more]

10 tips for healthy lifestyle

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In keeping today’s fast paced world of good health is a serious problem. We know this is not the first time you are hearing the word, “healthy lifestyle”, but have you ever wondered why do we need one? A healthy lifestyle helps deal with problems better life due to effective mind and physical condition. It […more]