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So you have this new work that is a perfect fit for you. You’re excited, until the moment someone HR informs you that your offer is conditional to a drug screening test. Your heart rate increases and drops of sweat formed on his forehead, as the joint smoked the other night with friends agreed. Sounds familiar? The following article addresses this issue, among others.

drug in blood

The most common drug screening reason is the purpose of pre-employment. The federal government requires companies that employ people with driver’s licenses commercial class to be given a drug test, known as the SAMHSA5, which tests for five specific drugs:

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 Cannabinoids (Marijuana )
 cocaine
 amphetamines
 opiates (heroin, morphine)
 phencyclidine (PCP)
Because of this requirement, most employers, but not the mandate of, they use SAMHSA5 for future employees. The three main to detect drugs in the body shapes are through blood, hair, and more often, urine. Let’s talk about each of the five drugs individually.

drug in urine

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