This is the way to treat your dry, cracked heels with baking soda!

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Having cracked and dry heels can not only be an aesthetic issue, but can also become a painful condition that the skin becomes dry with thick calluses appearing yellow or brown especially along the inside edge of the heel, as well as redness, itching, swelling and flaking of the skin.

Cracked heels can be the result of lack of moisture, dry air, unhealthy diet, care of the poor feet, hard floors, long standing, and the use of wrong types of shoes. Moreover, there are other conditions that can contribute to this problem and those that are eczema, calluses and corns, thyroid disease and diabetes. If proper precautions are taken immediately cracks can prevent deeper and causing pain and bleeding. There is some home remedy that is very beneficial for this condition.

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cracked heels


Take 10 tablets of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), or Andol tablets (acetaminophen) and crush into fine powder. Cover with 250 ml 70% alcohol and let it stay for 1-2 days. Every night, soak a cotton / gauze pad or her, but shaking before use, and apply it on the heel. I wrap the foot in a plastic sheet and put on a sock, letting the night. When he wakes up, rinse with water and dry with a towel after which is applied a greasy cream or glycerin feet. After 10 treatments you will see improvements. If you want better results, you can go ahead and exfoliate your heels with a washing feet before applying the foot cream. If in case suffering from painful varicose veins, this treatment will help. The pain will subside immediately after application.

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