Genes related to mood and stress can affect how long you live

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The visible impact of depression and stress that can be seen on the face of a person can also be found in the alterations in gene activity linked to longevity, according to a study. “We were looking for genes that may be at the interface between mood, stress and longevity,” we said one researcher Alexander Niculescu, a professor at Indiana University School of Medicine in the US .. “We have found a number of genes involved in mood disorder and stress disorders also appear to be involved in longevity, “Niculescu said. In particular, the investigation pointed to a gene known as ANK3 as playing a key role in affecting longevity. (Read: 20 expert tips to combat stress )

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“Our subsequent analysis of these genes have found that change in expression with age, and that persons subject to disorders mood significant stress and / or have a change in expression levels of these genes that are associated with premature aging and reduced longevity ‘Niculescu explained. The research was published in Molecular Psychiatry magazine. “These studies find ANK3 and other genes in our dataset as biological relationships between mood, stress and life expectancy, which can be biomarkers for biological age, and as targets for preventive interventions or customized therapeutic, the authors said (Read: If you are stressed, stay away from these foods )

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