The reason for hair loss during pregnancy and how to deal

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Generally, the condition of the hair of women during pregnancy, usually the densest and bright. But some of them experiencing hair loss. This is due to the influence of hormones in the cycle of hair growth. However, if a pregnant woman has experienced hair loss before pregnancy, then the possibility of hair loss during pregnancy becomes greater.
The cause of hair loss in pregnant women due to hormonal influences during pregnancy to protect the baby. According to Dr. Schwartz, quoted from Newsmaxhealth, the most likely factors occurrence of hair loss are hormonal changes during pregnancy. Dr.Schwartz say that the balance of hormones changed drastically, and hormones will be used largely to the growth of the baby in the womb. When the baby is born, it will return to normal hormones to protect the mother.
But there are also women who have hair loss after childbirth. Dr.Schwartz explained that this can be caused by stress. Postpartum mothers are often in a state of fatigue, it is probably because often wake up at midnight, lack of sleep and a new job as a mother. This stress causes damage to hair loss and cause hair.
hair loss after pregnancy

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treatment of hair loss for pregnant women

1. Wash your hair regularly with shampoo containing silica or biotin because these substances can stimulate the growth of hair follicles and stronger. Avoid excessive use of chemicals in hair.

2. Use a wide-tooth comb to avoid pulling the hair while combing. If you want to tie your hair, use a hair tie weaving, braiding and avoid merol hair. And not tie your hair continuously due to the scalp needs to relax.

3. If the hair is still wet, do not use helmet in advance, as the moisture content of the hair will be higher and cause hair fall.

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4. Emotions and stress has a great influence on the hair, if you are experiencing excessive stress, then the loss reoccur. Therefore, look for ways that stress is not sustainable.

5. Eat foods that provide benefits to the scalp, such as fruits and vegetables. You can also take supplements or vitamins containing ingredients for healthy hair and scalp, such as vitamin E, C, B complex and zinc, so healthy and strong hair (it is recommended to use the recommended by your doctor) .

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