Acupoints to relieve headaches

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Acupoints to relieve headaches ;

Pilar, pulsatile, twinging, head flutter is a condition suffered by a significant portion of the population intermittently, for ages . There is an extensive literature compilation of the causes of headache triggers. Only a few of the culprits blamed as triggers of headache are the bright lights, skipping meals, sun, jet lag, stress, depression , injury, hormones , etc.


Acupuncture is a useful tool and cost treatment: effective even in cases of chronic pain. A regular session of acupuncture for the treatment of headaches can increase the quality of life, less medication and fewer visits to doctors to headaches . Here are some acupuncture points treatment for the relief of headaches occur.

Main acupoints to relieve headaches

Point A or third eye point

This point is exactly where the means of satisfying their eyebrows and forehead nasal line. Place your thumbs on these points and massaging the rotation point their thumbs counter-clockwise.Press thumbs on the point and rub in circular motion. Do not use too much pressure. Do this for five minutes and this can be repeated several times a day.

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Point A Or Third Eye Point

The facial point C or beauty

These are the points at which either cheekbones sides meet their respective sides of the nose. move your fingers from the point of folds above the nostril on the cheek, the press there for a few seconds and then move along the base of the cheekbone, stop and maintain these pressure points for several seconds.

Point C Or Facial  Beauty

The point BO Drilling Bamboo

This is the section where the nose touches the brow lift. Release of points and up for about 5 minutes. possible pain or pressure behind the eyes due to sinusitis and other conditions like headaches

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Point B Or Drilling Bamboo

point D or a mansion wind

Located in the center part back of the head, this point can be located in a large gap under the base of the skull. Place your thumb at this point and close your eyes. Press the point firmly and circulatory massage movements while breathes deeply.

Point D Or Wind Mansion

Point E or gates Of Consciousness

These points are below the base of the skull, in the hollows on both sides of the neck. This is one of the most powerful points to get relief from headache. Place your thumbs on these depressions and pressing . Close your eyes and gently massage in slowly in the circulatory movements. Take deep breaths.

Point E Or Gates Of Consciousness

Point F or celestial pillar

One-half inch below the base of the Gates of Consciousness. Press the points and the tilt of his head back and press your thumbs up to the neck, while breathing deeply, keeping this for 2 minutes.

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Point F Or Heavenly Pillar

The point go join the Valle

Locate this point in the fleshy web part between the thumb and forefinger, or at the end of the tip when the thumb and index finger stick together. This point should not be used for pregnant women . Lie or sit. Press thumb firmly against the second metacarpal bone and massage in a rotational movement.

Point g

Point G or join the Valle

This point is located in the foot, between the band of the big toe and second toe. Put your index finger between the big toe and second toe. Move your finger up about 1 inch to the attachment points of the bones of the fingers and press your finger down.

Point G Or Joining The Valley

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