Every night, this guy wakes up to do this for your girlfriend-Wow!

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Every night, this guy wakes up to do this for your girlfriend-Wow! ;

In any good relationship, there must be a degree of compassion for the other person, and of course, a good deal of care between the two people. To kylle Cota, care of his girlfriend, it is important to stay up until 4am every night.


of kylle, Kortney Reid, you have type 1 diabetes This means she has to monitor your blood sugar to make sure your levels are good. Although Kortney has not once as kylle to do, kylle is assuming the task of checking levels at night. Capture

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kylle happily do it for his girlfriend so she can get a full night of uninterrupted sleep. It may seem unusual for a teenager showing this degree of maturity and compassion, but kylle clearly been shown not be your typical teenager.

‘I have insomnia, so I really do not sleep much anyway, “he said in a Facebook message.” She does not make me prove it, I just do it because I care about her constantly. I think it’s a little weird, but I love her, “he continued.

kylle he took a video of himself testing blood sugar Kortney in the middle of the night and posted it online on 27 December.
the video shows kylle gently pulling the arm Kortney toward him with a test kit in her hand. She complains sleepy while the test calmly ago.

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the video it spread rapidly, accumulating more than 12 million visits When he realized his video kylle was getting so much attention, published. ‘. Everyone is totally fed my super awesome skills boyfriend’ That sums it up

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