If your child comes home with this candy, call 911 immediately. Here’s why!

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If your child comes home with this candy, call 911 immediately. Here’s why! ;

Police officers in South Carolina are warning parents about an influx of marijuana-infused candy.

Fox Carolina reported that during a recent traffic stop in Florence County, police discovered a truck full of these sweet -. Mixed with THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana

THC is also connected with receptors on nerve cells in other parts of the brain. When those parts of the brain that affect thinking, memory, coordination and concentration, can cause unwanted side effects, including:

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difficulty thinking and solving problems

problems with memory and learning

loss of coordination

distorted perception

If a child was taking the substance, the side effects can be very dangerous and threatening to their health, possibly even his life …

Police warned that the candies are virtually indistinguishable from candy brand, so parents need to be on the lookout for these in the image below.

said that the candies were produced in Colorado, where the use of medical marijuana is legal. They noted that it is illegal, however, possess or transport products outside Colorado.

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Parents need to be on the lookout for these sweets, I mean, imagine if you find your child to eat them.

According to the labels, sweets are said to contain about 100 mg of THC. This is a very high dose, ie, the side effects can be very damaging if disguised sweets were eaten by a child.

Deputies urge parents to be aware that these products are appearing in South Carolina, and to report any suspicious activity to local police candies.

you’ve seen this candy? If so, it is necessary to inform the police immediately.

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