Tampon-As new equipment Halts urinary incontinence

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New Tampon-Like Device Stops Your Urinary Incontinence

Stress urinary incontinence affects millions of women, causing concern in all kinds of everyday situations – even a sneeze, a laugh or a workout in the gym can lead to an unexpected leak. However, over-the-counter bladder support now available are helping many women take control of this embarrassing problem.

How to make the bladder supports the work?

The short answer is that they work something like tampons, but with some important differences. They come with a tampon applicator style. But, instead of a bundle of absorbent fibers, which are foldable silicone structures with a polypropylene cover nonabsorbent.

Below deck, they look a bit like a large jack (toy classic children – cats and ball – not the tool to change a tire).

Once inserted into the vagina, support expands to lift and support the urethra (the small tube that carries urine from the bladder), which helps stop leaks stress such as coughing, sneezing or make excersice.

“Urinary incontinence is the result of poor support tissue around the urethra,” he says Ob / Gyn Cecile Unger, MD .

“Bladder supports the function by supporting the urethra bladder neck or urethra itself,” she says. “So when a woman increases the amount of pressure on your bladder for things like exercise, the pressure does not cause the bladder empties, because the support is there to keep the urethra closed.”

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Also, while the use of these supports, you can still urinate or defecate. The brackets provide greater support to prevent accidental releases -. But they will not prevent him from urinating and should not move or fall during bowel movements

A good alternative to surgery

supports the bladder are often a good alternative to surgery. They are relatively comfortable and non-invasive, and you can use them only when needed.

“A number of more active patients may use the bladder support because there is just something that will help when they are being more physically active,” says Sandip Vasavada, MD urological Director at the Cleveland Clinic Center Reconstructive Surgery Urology Women and pelvic.

Dr. Unger says they are also a good choice for women who simply want to avoid possible risks or complications from surgery. “So do not seek surgery, they want to manage them when they are active,” she says.

Follow the instructions for handling security problems

Like any item worn in the vagina, bladder stands come with a small but significant risk of toxic shock syndrome (a rare condition caused by certain strains of bacteria produce toxins).

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Generally it can be used safely for up to eight hours within a 24 hour period.

“As with any other buffer or device that inserts into her vagina, which is to ensure that it is withdrawn as indicated,” says Dr. Vasavada.

Using media with other types of treatment

Despite the support of the bladder work well on their own, but can also be part of a broader plan of treatment.

“Certainly, can be used with pelvic floor physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and supports around the urethra,” says Dr. Unger. Supports must be removed during therapy, but the two can work together, she says.

he says Dr. Vasavada make lifestyle changes (such as reducing your caffeine intake) and taking medication for overactive bladder are also useful in some cases.

A good choice for many women

experts agree that supports the bladder are worth a try for almost any woman struggling with urinary incontinence.

However, despite the advantages offered media, are not perfect. In some cases, they are not a good choice, even for women who:

  • are not able to put on and take things vaginally, or do not feel comfortable doing
  • is pregnant
  • have symptoms of a urinary tract infection or vaginal infection
  • has heavy incontinence
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women need to have realistic expectations, says Dr. Unger. “There are some patients whose urinary incontinence is so bad that supports the bladder are minimally successful,” she says.

Dr. Vasavada says it is also a cost factor. “These supports should be changed regularly,” he says. “Some of my patients find that using media every day becomes very expensive.”

Talk to your doctor if you have any questions

If you are not sure what type of incontinence you have, is a good idea to talk to your doctor.

“If they do not have the kind of leak that would be helped by the bladder supports – if they urge leakage or overflow – these patients will not benefit,” says Dr. Vasavada. “It could even worsen your symptoms.”

If you’re pretty sure you have stress incontinence, however, it is well to try to support the bladder.

“If women are experiencing leakage with laughing, coughing, running, sneeze or lift something, and it seems that is quite clear, then treating a bladder support over-the-counter is completely appropriate” says Dr. Unger. “They do not necessarily have to see your doctor first.”

Tampon-As new equipment Halts urinary incontinence , article source: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2016/04/bladder-supports-can-solve-stress-urinary-incontinence/

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