This is what happens if you do not drink enough water

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What Will Happen to Your Body if You Don’t Drink Enough Water You should drink about 9 glasses of water a day, and is probably they wonder what is so exciting to continually go to the bathroom?

To find out what happens to your body if you do not get enough water …

  1. The chances of having health problems are higher

A small amount of water increases the chances of kidney stones, colon cancer and heart attack.

  1. No water, no fast metabolism

Dr. Howard Murad, in his book “The Secret Water”, made a discovery that human metabolism slows down when the body is not sufficiently hydrated.

  1. If you do not drink enough water, you will have to think more and more time
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Scientists at the Institute of Psychiatry found that the brains of dehydrated teenagers together, and when they have to solve a specific task, they can do as well as their peers who drink enough water, but they have to work harder and think more.

  1. going to eat more

Studies conducted in London, have shown that if you do not drink water before each meal, there are more chances that it will take more calories in the body during meals. People who drank water in three months lost an average of 2 kilograms more than those who have been on a diet, but do not drink enough water.

  1. will look wrinkled
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Dehydration affects the complexion of the facial skin, does not prevent the formation of wrinkles and does not make the skin more elastic.

  1. going to be in a bad mood

For a study, some men and women in the groups were doing aerobic exercise for 60-75 minutes . One group was constantly hydrated, while the other group did not drink enough water during exercise. The dehydrated group was more likely to express anger, stress, depression and fatigue.

Therefore, if you do not want be a wrinkled girl, nervous eating sweets while she is solving Sudoku unsuccessfully for two hours, go to the kitchen and drink some water!

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