Be careful! Why the flip-flop are the most dangerous summer choice for your feet and ankles

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Be careful! Why the flip-flop are the most dangerous summer choice for your feet and ankles ;


all want to wear flip flops when we go to the very hot beach.When we rest our feet and at the same time to protect it from hot sand.Many people are used to bring flip flops in almost all parties during the summer because obviously they are tired of wearing socks and shoes.

But, as it turns out, flip-flop are not good for the feet and ankles.

According to research at Auburn University showed how comfortable it is on our feet while wearing flip-flops.They have found that the shoes are closed and are providing only instead of flip-flops that are not supporting at all .another studies at this University they have shown that people who regularly wore flip-flops had a shorter stride and ankles were at an awkward angle.

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Flip-flop are also made of materials like foam which has the potential to become slippery when damp.That is why the flip-flops are not as safe for the summer wearing.During when it’s too hot starts to sweat and our feet because our slide foot on the sole and strap that goes between the toes rub against them and the top and sides of the feet, causing blisters.Blisters they can be very unpleasant and bad.

With the foot slips unsupported, they are more likely to roll their feet and ankles twist. Due to changes in gait and forced into unnatural angles feet and ankles when walking, the flip-flop can strain the tendons of the ankles and calf muscles.

Because there is no lateral support and little toes are exposed, often hanging slightly off the edge, small are likely to be hit and crushed, sometimes even dislocated . There is nothing to do for a broken toe, but wait for it to heal what is best to protect them in the first place.

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If you often wear flip flops and find your feet and legs are sore, the best thing to do is get rid of sandals and stretch your feet regularly.

Disabling of flip-flops does not mean you have to close his feet as if between January and there are plenty of, fashion sandals support that will allow your feet absorb sunlight and allow you feel the warm breeze between your toes.

are Many thong style with a simple back strap to keep feet from sliding around the base of the sandal. Look for sandals that move with the foot to avoid the pain and blisters. Arch support is also important to prevent fatigue and stress. As for materials, leather and rubber soles are better than foam to absorb impact overall.

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Better yet, when you can walk barefoot.

To protect your feet, then it is better to walk barefoot on natural surfaces such as sand or grass and you will not get hurt.By walk without shoes will strengthen your feet and ankles. Beside this, if you walk barefoot improve blood circulation in the feet and you can be easily moved.

When you start to spend more time barefoot, his natural gait emerge, (unhindered by shoes) and muscles of the back and abdomen toning and strengthening.

Moreover, they are much less likely to slouch if you are barefoot. Most shoes and sandals have their feet in an unnatural position your body tries to correct changing its stance.


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