DIY Reflexology: 7 Points pressure to reduce stress and increase metabolism

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DIY Reflexology: 7 Points pressure to reduce stress and increase metabolism ;


Reflexology is relieved in a state of profound peace and prosperity, which is open to suggestions yourself – as in hypnosis. You walk into a receptive to allow your heart desires manifest place.

The brain is like a computer … you can program and erase anything about you or your life that you choose.

reflexology gently affects your organs, glands and every part of your body by stimulating reflex points / areas on the feet, hands, face and ears.

There are thousands of nerves in these areas – 15,000 nerves in the feet alone! That’s why the effects of reflexology are so soothing and relaxing.

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Many of us seek comfort in excess, which can have a negative impact on our well-being, so that reflexology can be a, wonderful nutritious replacement for harmful self-indulgences. Often overeat as a reaction to stress and tension.

The time it takes to pamper themselves with any form of relaxation will make you feel nurtured, loved, land and much better about what they really are. And if you’re trying to lose excess pounds and make better lifestyle decisions, reflexology can help. Stimulate your foot areas indicated in this table will have a direct correlation with the glands, organs and nervous system, helping you look and feel your best.

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With your thumb or index finger, just press for five seconds in each of the areas listed above. . Note: This graph represents the sole of the left foot

The hypothalamus area of ​​your brain ( out of the big toe ) controls appetite and thirst.
• The pituitary or “master gland” ( center of the toe ) stimulates hormone secretions and balances of all other glands.
• The thyroid ( bottom of the big toe ) regulates metabolism.
• Stress to lar plexus / diaphragm ( under the sole ) is reduced.
• The adrenals ( near the inner edge of the foot in the center of the exclusive ) helps keep your energy levels to burn calories.
• Stimulate urinary system helps release water retention.
• The colon and intestines gastrointestinal ( near the foot in the center of the exclusive ) are stimulated to promote the elimination and relieve swelling.

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Discover the best of yourself with reflexology as a step forward in the spring, one foot at a time.


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