The shape of your nose tells a ton about your personality! (See details inside)

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The shape of your nose tells a ton about your personality! (See details inside) ;

Sounds strange, but it really is true! the shape of your nose says a lot about his character. This result by Professor Abraham Tamir Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel is held. The results of their study were published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery.


Here we will enter the 8 different forms of nose and special properties of characters:

The nose of Nubia:

The form of Nubia is distinguished mainly by its length. The bridge is almost straight, while the point width of the nose pointing down. People with this form of the nose are supposedly curious and inquisitive. They are optimistic and often try to accommodate others. They are friendly and always looking for a solution to every problem.

The Greek nose:

Its name comes from the sculptures of Greek antiquity. Most of them were given this nose by artists. The form is distinguished by its narrow length and straightness. The owners of this nose are reserved and do not like being the center of attention. They are very practical and loyal. It is difficult for them to talk openly about feelings and be considered withdrawn.

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The hooknose

Many compare this form of the nose with the beak of a bird. He bent from the base of the bone of the nose to the tip. People with this nose are creative and self-sacrificing. They defend their beliefs with passion and are not afraid to take risks to achieve their goals.

The arcuate nose

Similar to hooknose, the concave curved nose is nasal bone to the tip. However, the tip is much more pronounced. Who possesses a concave nose is considered more determined. They are closely related to their work and are good at organizing work.

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button nose

The button nose is very short and looks almost delicate. It is the most popular anyway, because it is not so obvious. The owners of the button nose are often very spontaneous in their decisions that often bothers other people. They are strong-willed and prefer to go to the point. They are also determined and often get what they want.

straight nose

This form of the nose is more common in Asia. It is straight and slightly flatter than most other forms. His nostrils are wide and the tip is round. People with a straight nose and have a strong character. They are very temperamental and passionate. If you try your patience they get very angry.

The concave nose

This nose has a small arc in the nose bone. It is particularly noteworthy since the whole shape looks a little small. People whose noses have this form tend to be generous and always willing to help others who are having problems. Because of its sensitive side, these people are often easily offendable or damage.

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The crooked nose

Even if the name is not very flattering, this form of the nose means a loving character. The bridge of the nose is highlighted while the tip is rounded. People with crooked noses are very attuned to what they do. They are good listeners, what wonderful friends or partners. They put a lot of emphasis on being down-to-earth.

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