This is what the color and smell of your impulse is telling you about your health

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This is what the color and smell of your impulse is telling you about your health ;

Can you believe that the color and shape of your poop can reveal whether you are healthy or not?

Speaking of poop is not the most pleasant topic in the world, but the fact of the matter is that what you put in your toilet can tell a lot about what is going on inside your body.


Recognize your poop

Different types of caca say different things about your health. It can distinguish different types of color, consistency, size and smell. Researchers have categorized poop in 7 categories.

Below we will explain each category and tell you what it means.

Whatever their caca should be similar

The perfect caca consists of water (75%) and solid matter (25%). The solid matter contains :. dead bacteria, cholesterol, indigestible food matter and other fatty substances

The appearance of your poop varies from what you have eaten or drunk. Poop usually takes 18 to 72 hours to create from processing and food digestion. When you have diarrhea, it means that your intestines do not extract as much water as they should normally have and the stern is processed too quickly. More than 72 hours of process is an indication of constipation and can be a symptom of othr problems.

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stool type 1 – Small, hard lumpy stools

This type of stool is an indication of inflammation of the small intestine. These pieces of caca are small, solid, and abrasive typically be anywhere from 1 to 2 cm in diameter. Because they are solid and somewhat rough, which can be quite painful to pass. Sometimes it can result in anal bleeding.

Stool type 2 – stool sausage-shaped with a cracked surface

This type of stool is an indication of constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

Stool type 3 – stool sausage-shaped lumps

This type is similar to type 2 and is actually a number of type 1 stool consisted of a sample stool. They are the result of constipation that has remained in the intestinal tract for several weeks. It is painful and difficult to pass. This type of stool is a symptom of irritable bowel syndrome.

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Stool type 4 – caca soft spots with well-defined edges

This type of stool is considered the perfect poop. It has a diameter of 1-1.5 cm.

Stool type 5 – feces sausage-shaped, soft and smooth

As the above type of this kind can also say that is close to perfection. It has a diameter of 2 cm and is typical for someone who defecate once per day.

STOOL TYPE 6 – STOOLS FLUFFY THAT torn, irregular edges


This type of stool is very smooth. This type indicates stress and high blood pressure.


This is similar to the common diarrhea, but here is something called paradoxical diarrhea as it is done in conjunction with constipation, lee accompanies type 1. it is often experienced by children and the elderly.

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Color of stool

The color of the stool may also have different symptoms. Normal stool is medium / light brown.

Black tar, or stools bright red – this is a symptom of bleeding in the GI or anal tracks. This color also can result from certain drugs.

very pale brown, gray or white stool – This strange coloration can be caused by a lack of bile, stools white but can also be the result of taking antacids. However, this type of discolored stools may indicate problems such as cirrhosis, hepatitis and pancreatic diseases.

yellow colored stools -. Which may be the result of a problem in the gallbladder or Giardia infection

The smell

We are all aware that the caca does not have pleasant smell, but it can be worst. stools and vile odor may be an indication of: a problem with absorption, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, pancreatitis, cystic fibrosis

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