Another reason to include cinnamon in your diet

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Adding to cinnamon ‘s list of benefits health, a new study says a component found in salt is a potent inhibitor of cancer colorectal . It looks like cinnamon can do more than add flavor to foods. Read: cinnamon or dalchini – 10 reasons why it is one of the healthiest spices

Georg Wondrak Associate Professor, Ph.D. and Professor Donna Zhang, Ph.D. of the University of Arizona recently completed a study that showed that the addition of cinnamaldehyde, cinnamon the compound that gives its distinctive taste and smell, to the diet of mice protected the mice against colorectal cancer. In response to cinnamaldehyde, animal cells had acquired the ability to protect against exposure to a carcinogen through detoxification and repair. Read: 4 ways of fiber in the diet can prevent colon cancer

Zhang considers finding “significant” as colorectal cancer is aggressive and is associated with a poor prognosis, and there was an urgent need to develop more effective strategies against the disease. The next step in the research is to test whether cinnamon, unlike cinnamaldehyde, prevents cancer using this same model of cancer. Because that cinnamon is a common food additive and is considered safe – not a synthetic, new drug-human study can not be too far. Read: Colorectal Cancer – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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The study is published online and will appear in the print edition of Cancer Prevention Research later this spring.

Source: ANI

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