Excellent instruction improves academic skills preschool

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Preschools prepare children to be academically successful only when teachers provide instruction highest quality, new research reveals the combination of eight large studies child care.

Excellent Instruction in Preschool Improves Academic Skills
excellent instruction in pre-academic skills improvement

Margaret Burchinal, senior scientist at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, led a research team whose results are revolutionary for the care of the first publicly funded education and implications. They found that the overall quality of teaching in preschool classrooms increases, children experience better results through a range of skills, but the needle moves only in language skills and reading when the quality of instruction is in or above a threshold.

“Children experience better results in language and reading skills, when the quality of instruction was close to excellent. “


“Preschool in child care centers showed greater gains in reading and language when their teachers spent more time learning support – but only if the quality of instruction ranged from moderate to high,” Burchinal said.

Burchinal co-authors include Martha Zaslow of Child Trends and Louisa Tarullo Mathematica Policy Research. His team also found that children appeared to benefit from a larger “dose” based child care center.

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“The children showed greater gains in academic skills when they attended more than a year of Head Start, had fewer absences, and spent more time in reading and math instruction,” Burchinal said. “Early childhood education is widely accepted as an effective way to improve opportunities for all children, and this finding about Head Start supports the growing trend of two years of preschool public funds for children of low-income households. ”

Burchinal explained that unlike most Head Start classes in their study, some programs do not meet a quality threshold, offer a second year, or provide enough time teaching reading and math for kids can do academic gains.

“The programs of lower quality will have to change much so that we see probably the kind of improvement in the language and academic skills that provide the foundation for success in school,” Burchinal said. “Children in our study showed the biggest gains when teachers interact with children frequently in activities that were designed to teach the language and academic skills deliberately participate.”

Burchinal explained that preschool classrooms lower quality do not improve children’s skills in reading and language, this could inform the conceptualization and design of programs financed by public funds, as well as efforts to improve learning opportunities existing for children. Change the current approach in the field of overall quality and instead of zeroing in the content can be more effective in promoting academic learning of children.

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“Currently, our field focuses on the quality of classes and interactions between teachers and children broader” he said. “Our study found that only small gains in the results of language and literacy were associated with interactions highest quality among teachers and children, but large gains were associated with high quality instruction in those areas. Having a sensitive caregiver it is really important for young children, but probably not enough by itself to promoting academic skills. must have content and an intentional approach to instruction. “

Source: Eurekalert

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