Oral care products with natural plant chemicals may help prevent tooth decay

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now say goodbye to tooth decay naturally. products for oral care products that contain a natural compound known as trans-chalcone, acts against harmful bacteria in the mouth and may improve oral health, helping to prevent plaque buildup, according to a new study by the University of Edinburgh .

Oral Care Products With a Natural Plant Chemical Could Help Prevent Tooth Decay oral care products with a natural chemical plant could help prevent tooth decay

Trans-chalcone is related to chemicals found in licorice root. The study shows that blocks the action of a key enzyme that allows bacteria that thrive in the oral cavity. Bacteria, Streptococcus mutans, metabolizes sugars in food and drink, which produces a mild acid and leads to plaque formation. Without good oral hygiene, the combination of plaque and acid can cause tooth decay.


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Researchers said. “Blocking the activity of the enzyme prevents bacteria from forming a protective biological layer – known as a biofilm – about themselves Plaque forms when bacteria adhere to teeth and built the Prevent biofilm all these protective layers help to stop bacteria. forming plates. care oral cavity containing similar natural compounds could help people improve their dental hygiene. ”

The team leader Dominic Campopiano said: “We are expanding the study to include similar natural products and investigate whether they can be incorporated into consumer products This exciting discovery highlights the potential of this class of natural products in food and health technologies..”

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The study appears in Communications Chemistry

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