Three years old girl pronounced dead after endodontics in Pune

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A 3-year-old was pronounced dead after undergoing a root canal treatment in a dental clinic in Pune, India .

The girl, SANAVI Revatkar, accompanied by her father, Niranjan, an IT professional, was receiving treatment in a tooth canal on June 29

Three-year-old Girl Declared Dead After Root Canal Treatment in Pune Three years old girl pronounced dead after endodontics in Pune

“During drilling in the tooth, I realized that SANAVI had fallen asleep. Peroxide dentist hydrogen used three times. After a few seconds, SANAVI suddenly opened his eyes and looked surprised. She went to sleep again . ”


After the treatment was over 3 years old, he was almost unconscious. Revatkar states that the dentist did nothing about their initial condition, and suggested a pediatrician only after insisted he was not responding normally.

“The doctor was not able to pulse or heartbeat feeling SANAVI. He tried to revive her by cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). When there was still no response from her, immediately called an ambulance and SANAVI rushed to a nearby hospital. medical equipment in the ambulance also tried to resuscitate SANAVI on the way to hospital. My daughter was pronounced dead by doctors at the hospital, “Revatkar said.

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The deceased’s family has filed a complaint against the dentist. The exact cause of death has not been determined. Experts say that anesthesia might have reacted negatively.

The dentist told him.. “There was no failure in my treatment When an oral cavity is diagnosed and the person complains of toothache, carried out an RCT RCT can be performed in children one year and halfyear- also . (. ..) treated her for 30-35 minutes, after which she felt dizzy. she was then taken to the nearest pediatric expert. I was present when the doctor was dealing with here. has been no negligence on my part. it was one case of medical emergency. ”

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Source: Medindia

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