Benefits of Acai tea

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Acai tea is made of juicy and dark palm tree berries Acai Berry. This tree is known in Latin as à ¢ â oleracea, ¬ËœEuterpe ‘.

The Acai palm is a plant native to Central and South America and is found mainly in Brazil. This plant reaches a height of 15 to 30 meters and its leaves are 3 meters long.

It has been found that Acai tea is very rich in vitamins such as vitamin a and vitamin C. it even has minerals and nutrients like iron, calcium, omega fats, antioxidants and fiber, which is good for our health.

In addition Acai tea also has other health benefits, some of which are illustrated below.

helps in weight loss

Clinically recorded that consumption of Acai tea helps suppress hunger pangs and so it is an ideal drink helps in weight loss.

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improves cardiovascular health

If you are concerned about your heart health, it’s time you should try Acai tea tasting. It has been observed that Acai Tea contains certain fatty acids which are similar to what is found in olive oil. So drink this tea not only helps in reducing our bad cholesterol, but also reduces our level of glucose and helps in the dilation of blood vessels which improves circulation in our body.

prevents cancer

Research has shown that Acai tea contains antioxidants that are similar to what is found in oranges. They found in this antioxidant acai berry that contains a substance known as anthocyanin helps in the fight against cancer cells, especially leukemia.

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anthocyanin also helps in the fight against free radicals that cause degeneration of healthy cells in our body.


benefits According to a study in “Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry ‘??, has shown that drinking tea helps suppress Acai action of certain enzymes known as cyclooxygenase which plays a vital role in the escalation of inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. acai berry even decreases the production of interleukins in our body that is also associated with the escalation of inflammatory disorders.

Promotes healthy skin

acai berry acai and tea has been consumed for centuries to treat skin diseases. it has been noted that since the tea Acai is rich in antioxidants, drink this tea helps in rejuvenating the skin that gives the skin a healthy glow.

promotes digestion

it has been found that tea Acai has powerful elements of detoxification that helps in promoting the digestion. Acai drink tea on an empty stomach in the morning and right after meals helps in faster absorption of food and therefore keeps our digestive system clean.

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Apart from the health benefits listed above has also been found that drinking tea regularly Acai helps increase our sexual desire, especially in men.

Brazilian women even drink tea Acai, as has been observed in several investigations that this tea helps in improving mental function and prevent psychological imbalance in post-menopausal syndromes.

Last but not least, drinking tea Acai also helps combat fatigue and exhaustion and therefore is an excellent drink to cure excessive fatigue in a miraculous way.

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