Benefits of Flu-shot

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flu vaccine yearly vaccination is given for a specific year to protect humans against disease caused by influenza viruses or highly variable influenza. Each flu-shot, the seasonal flu vaccines include antigens that represents trivalent or tetravalent vaccine strains of influenza virus. Of these one or two strains of virus type it consists of strains of influenza B virus and a type of influenza A H1N1 (subtype) virus strain and another strain of H3N2 influenza virus (subtype).

Flu vaccine can be given either as a nasal spray and injection which is popularly known in the secular term as flu-shot.

In medical terms, the flu vaccine has been designed to protect people flu and also to prevent the spread of this contagious disease within the community. It has been observed that people who have taken the flu-shot usually do not suffer much, even if a person makes contact with a flu strain that the vaccine does not contain, as flu-shot reduces the severity of disease.

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According to several studies on this vaccine has been established that during an influenza epidemic (where a single strain of influenza virus is responsible for the disease), a flu vaccine designed effectively can lower greatly the number of cases and thus is able to control the pandemic effectively. The study Sottish in the epidemic of 2009 H1N1 is a great example for a control so useful to a wide spread of pandemic influenza in Scotland.

Some of the other health benefits of influenza vaccination are:

Decreases doctor visits

A recent study on the flu-shot by the CDC in the United States (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA) indicated that influenza vaccination reduces the risk of doctor visits because of the flu in about 60 percent among overall US town. This happens because the influenza vaccine for the growth and spread of the virus within demography any specific location or community.

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protects the elderly

has been observed that influenza is a disease that is often fatal for men and women age and also the adults suffering from chronic health problems and serious secondary illnesses. Taking advantage of the flu-shot at the right time of year, often it helps in protecting these highly vulnerable senior citizens clinically within the community.

protects children

Although children who are less than 6 months old can not get themselves vaccinated against influenza virus, but for those children who are beyond 6 months greatly benefit from flu-shot as it helps to keep in shape and quarantined against influenza and influenza-related diseases. As the level of immunity often is not too strong in children, flu-shot is a must for children beyond the age of 6 months.

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protects pregnant women


influenza not only helps in protecting pregnant women during their pregnancy, but also helps to protect infants up to 6 months after birth. A recent study on the shot flu in pregnant women has shown that children born out of pregnant women who have been given the flu-shot are 92 percent more effective in preventing hospitalization of their children because of the flu.

Makes milder disease

Even if they catch the flu, bringing the virus-shot in advance helps in reducing the intensity of the disease.

Therefore, it is especially important that all people around the world should get themselves vaccinated against the flu and seek immediate treatment if they have symptoms of influenza, to make this world a better place to live.

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