Benefits of Serrapeptase

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Serrapeptase is an enzyme obtained from silkworms. It is classified as an enzyme studies have different health benefits. In some countries around the world, serrapeptase is the main ingredient of some drugs. In the US, the serrapeptase enzyme is often included in many health supplements. Medical and scientific experts serrapeptase isolated from Serratia type of bacteria found in silkworms. This enzyme has been known to have anti-inflammatory properties similar to other traditional substances and chemicals. The following are some of the benefits of this health enzyme

  1. The dissolution of blood clots

The anti-inflammatory properties of serrapeptase are studied to be very effective in dissolving blood clots is common in conditions such as atherosclerosis. This ailment often could lead to stroke and even death of patients. With serrapeptase, plaque buildup in the artery walls dissolve and thus improve or restore normal blood flow. Best of serrapeptase is that causes no harm to healthy cells around the arterial walls.

  1. Reduction of inflammation

Serrapeptase is touted as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. Some experts even promote this enzyme as an alternative to ibuprofen-based drugs and NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti common or-inflammatory drugs. Common symptoms of inflammation include pain and inflammation and these can be reduced effectively by serrapeptase. Studies of post-operative cases in Europe have even shown that this enzyme can help reduce inflammation and / or edema much as 50% after the operation. Less pain has also been informed of the patients in the same study.

  1. The relief of symptoms of chronic diseases

Serrapeptase used in chronic medical cases such as sinusitis, for example, has also demonstrated to be effective. Its anti-inflammatory effect is the main reason why this enzyme helps control the symptoms associated with chronic diseases. In the case of chronic infections that affect the ears, nose and throat, serrapeptase has been studied to help reduce mucus production and viscosity. The same enzyme also helps in regression of symptoms.

  1. Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment

People who have carpal tunnel syndrome often complain of pain and numbness in their hands, which often radiates to the forearm. Sever cases also lead to weakness in the muscles of the hand. These symptoms are said to be significantly alleviated by regular treatment with serrapeptase. The nerves that innervate the hand and fingers are damaged and affected by carpal tunnel syndrome and serrapeptase acts on these nerves to help relieve symptoms associated with this disease.

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The anti-inflammatory effect of serrapeptase is what made it popular in the scientific and medical community. Many supplements and drugs in various parts of the world contain this potent enzyme studies to be effective against various medical conditions. This enzyme is also being studied and researched for their other applications and possible assistance for various other ailments. Conditions such as multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, diabetes, angina, varicose veins, and various sports injuries are some of the many conditions that are being studied for therapeutic and medical effects of serrapeptase.

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