Ever-changing moods can be toxic to the brains of bipolar patients

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Ever-changing moods can be toxic to the brains of bipolar patients ;

(NaturalPath) According to a new study from Brazil , researchers found that the blood of bipolar patients is toxic to brain cells and may affect the ability of the connectivity of the neurons. Severe and complex mental illness affects two percent of the world population and is characterized by alternating episodes of mania and depression. Generally, the surfaces of the twenty years of an individual.

Clinicians have begun to label these patients, either as early or late stage bipolar patients. Not about how long they have had the disease, but rather of progression, including the frequency and severity of episodes. There is currently no cure for bipolar disorder (BD), but psychotherapy and prescription medications such as antipsychotics, mood stabilizers and benzodiazepines can relieve symptoms.

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The changes in the brain of these bipolar patients include reduced volume and neuroprogession normally associated with learning, memory, and even brain damage recovery. However, in the brain of a person who has BD, the same process is associated with the loss of neuronal connections and clinical neurocognitive impairment and.

A previous study linked episodes of recurrent mood state with blood levels of several markers related to inflammation, oxidative stress and neurotrphins (proteins that promote the growth and survival of neurons).

This study found that having these episodes was ultimately bad for your body.

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“Our results indicate that the blood of BD patients is toxic to brain cells and affects the ability of the connectivity of neurons. Given our previous knowledge about the relationship between episodes State mood and blood toxicity, we believe that more episodes the patient has, the more cellular components are produced that impair the brain’s ability to cope with environmental changes, inflammation and stress, “said one researcher.

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