Health Benefits of Costus Igneus, Good News for Diabetes Patients….

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Health Benefits Igneus Costus

More commonly known as burning Costus or spiral flag, Costus Igneus had been called the “plant insulin “as it is believed to help the body produce insulin and had already become a popular medicinal herb. In the Philippines, it is known as tabungaw.

  • This plant is native to Southeast Asia, particularly Indonesia. While the plant has become increasingly popular for its promising effect for diabetes, it is widely used as a remedy for dysentery in the Philippines. Also it plants ornamental reasons because the flower is rather attractive.
  • The Igneus Costus has a lot of medicinal uses especially in India. It is used as a component of Ayurvedic treatment to cure diabetes. Patients who chew the leaves of plants to extract their juice and swallow. The rhizomes of the plant can lower plasma glucose primarily due to the potentiation of insulin B cells, which also helps in the management and prevention of diabetic complications.
  • In the Siddha medical system, the plant is use for the treatment of various diseases, including intestinal worms, rashes, asthma, fever and bronchitis. Other medicinal uses of the plant include antihyperglycemic / lipid lowering / antioxidant, diosgenin, spasmodic / ecbolic activity, hepatoprotective activity, aliphatic compounds, anti-stress / Effects of neurotransmitters, Eremanthin / Anti-Diabetic / lipid lowering, anti-cholinesterase, anti-inflammatory / antipyretic , uterine stimulant, antimicrobials, comparative effects of extracts antihyperglycemic effect on female / estrogenic effect player, and antinociceptive.

Despite the various medicinal uses of the burning Costus, Flag spiral, Costus Igneus or tabubungiaw, it is important to consult an herbalist or a doctor before using the plant to treat their ailments. One may experience allergic reactions in the plant.


leaves of this medicinal plant it is used in the treatment of diabetes.
dry powdered leaves of this plant is taken in doses of 1/2 to 1 gram twice a day on diabetes.

The fresh leaves of this plant is chewed twice a day for 1 week after 1 week, 1 sheet should be chewed twice a day this dose should be continued for 1 month. It is said that this treatment is effective to cause levels of blood sugar under control in patients with diabetes.

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