Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seed

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Health Benefits pumpkin seed

raw pumpkin seeds provide a rich source of fiber, a type of carbohydrate that prevents constipation and digestive health benefits. The seeds also increase your intake of protein – every ounce of seeds provides nearly 9 grams of this nutrient. It also increases mineral intake when eating nuggets. The seeds contain iron, an important function of RBCs mineral and potassium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. Like fiber, protein and minerals are not destroyed by roasting, these nutrients are found in approximately equal amounts in both toasted pumpkin seeds and raw
Benefits for us: -.

1. Heart and liver health
Pumpkin seeds, rich in healthy fats , antioxidants and fibers, can provide health benefits of heart and liver, especially when mixed with linseed.

2. high in Omega 3, pumpkin seed oil has been shown in studies to reduce the incidence of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) -a condition in which the prostate gland is enlarged.

3. They strengthen their immunity
There is a reason that treatments to prevent and suppress the common cold usually contain zinc; which is an important mineral that plays an important role in immune function. The National Institutes of Health recommends 8 mg of zinc per day for adult women, and a cup of pumpkin seeds will meet almost with 6.59 mg.

seeds 4.Pumpkin are also high in protective zinc ore prostate , so these seeds of the final snack for men’s health.

Pumpkin seeds are unique in its abundance of antioxidants . notes that the seeds contain many forms of vitamin E, as well as phenolic hydroxybenzoic acid, caffeic, ferulic, coumaric, sinapic, protocatechuic, vanillic and syringic acid. antioxidant phytonutrients such as lignans are also found in pumpkin seeds, including pinoresinol, lariciresinol medioresinol and lignans. Importantly, the site says, “This diverse mix of antioxidants in pumpkin seeds can provide related properties antioxidants that are not widely found in food.” They are special!

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