How to Gain Weight With Banana and Milk, Weight Gain With Banana Milkshake

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Weight gain with banana and milk

banana Smoothie

banana and milk ( banana and milk combination) are a common topic of health debates- if banana smoothies are unhealthy, fattening and gain weight or good for health? Many people believe that if you have bananas and milk, which will increase weight. Consider this a bit. Milk is a dairy product. And a recent study linked consumption of dairy products with reduced fat belly storage. Therefore, we know that is not fat that is the problem. Both bananas and milk have a low glycemic index-medium, so it is not the content of carbohydrates that provide harmful fats. In addition, it provides protein, fiber, calcium, vitamins and minerals, in any case, makes healthy. If calories bananas and milk are counted, then 1 banana is about 100 calories. 1 cup low-fat milk is around 60-80 calories. Therefore, a banana with regular milk would be about 160-180 calories. The total calories of this mixture are less than a bag of chips (about 600 calories) and is healthier than enough chips. We all know that the basic rule of weight gain: more calories, fewer calories and gain weight. Banana and milk may be the best diet to gain weight.

easier to make banana smoothie

Preparation time: 10 minutes

cooking time: None

serves: 1

Recipe Category: Beverage beaters

Author: Sankar Padhu

necessary ingredients

Milk – 1 cup + 1/4 cup

ripe banana – 1

honey or brown sugar or sugar or sweetener of your choice.

Vanilla ice cream – one scoop (optional)


Peel the skin, cut and beat banana with 1/4 cup milk until a smooth paste. Then add the remaining milk, honey, ice cream and mix again. Pour into a glass and serve chilled.

Garnish with grated chocolate if desired.

Good for weight gain

banana helps weight loss and obesity. The banana gives adequate calories and 100 grams of banana provides 90 calories k, and tends to fill the stomach too. Fibers are soluble in nature which absorbs water and slows digestion thus makes complete filling. The part also banana fiber exerts no man to eat more.

On the other hand, the banana is also good for those who are underweight. Banana consisting of sugars such as fructose and sucrose, which provides instant energy. When the banana taken with milk, it helps improve weight gain because milk provides protein, while the banana provides sugar.

Good for bones and teeth

banana contains potassium which not only reduces blood pressure, but also protects the bones and teeth weakening. Minimizing the harmful impacts of sodium; It helps retain the calcium concentration is needed for the free flow of blood, muscle contraction and proper nerve function soft. Banana is also having manganese promotes bone health and metabolism. Banana has probiotic bacteria absorbs calcium therefore good for bone health. Calcium in banana prevents bone thinning. To develop stronger and better bones, children can receive banana.

Help stomach ulcers

banana contains protease inhibitors called compound having an antacid effect and prevents bacteria to cause stomach problems. Bananas also aid in thickening of the stomach thereby preventing peptic ulcers. Also it reduces irritation in the stomach lining due to mucus production. Come raw banana reduces irritation and intestinal discomfort acidity. The calming effects of banana protect the stomach against ulcers and ulcer damage. Moreover, the presence of fiber in the digestive functions banana regulates and smooths the regular bowel movement. banana regular feeding reduces the risk of gastric cancer also.

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