How to stop bleeding from the nose!

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How to stop bleeding from the nose! ;

How to stop nose bleeding !

How to stop bleeding from the nose!

Very often and common case is bleeding from the nose. Anyone interested someone thinks it is no big deal and ignore it.

why this happens?

There are some facts and factors that we can bring nosebleeds, which could be picking nose, fractures, but sometimes it can be nasal allergy, flu and colds.
This process occurs usually in the front of the nasal septum, but not all the time.
This bleeding usually have no etiologic cause, and therefore should not be a big concern for you.
But in some cases, bleeding of the nose may occur as a result of some other reasons as existing symptoms of Osler, leukemia, tumor etc.

When there must be concern if your nose is bleeding?

Here are some reasons:

– sensation of breathlessness while bleeding occurs

– Feeling arrhythmias ( unpredictable heart beat),

– If occurs very often and clusters of blood is lost,

– Feeling dizzy and lose consciousness

-. If you have pains convincing head as nosebleeds

Symptoms often occur:

– The high intake measure blood instigating desires regurgitating

-. Recurrent (in the middle of which a lot of blood is lost) which can lead to anemia nosebleed

The following cheats in the text are about stopping a nosebleed at any time

1. Apply pressure in the right place

sit on a flat, horizontal position and tilt the head slightly forward to stop the bloodshed in the throat. Clean your nose gently in order to get any lumps of blood. Tighten the delicate nose piece, just below the ligament, with the index finger and thumb holding this weight for about 10 minutes.

2. Apply pressure

For this you need to make a strong handkerchief or cotton.
Put the pressure in the mouth between the gums and the upper lip or just below the “root” of the nose, holding it there for about 10 minutes.
In the event that you can not bear to come in your mouth, take a screenshot or a coin and press it with your finger, above the upper lip (between the lips and nose) while holding for about 10 minutes.

3. Candied cover

Put a block of ice or ice cover in favor of the nostril that is bleeding.
Hold this for any amount of time that can withstand disruption and then do it again.
What it does is cool cover throttle forward veins stop the leak.
nasal spray is also very useful for the removal of the vein.

counterproductive action:

– Beware of the extensive use of aeration systems and cooling since the mucous lining of the nose dried
.- increase vitamin C allow significantly with the argument that this vitamin strengthens veins and ensures mucous layer
.- Drink plenty of fluids. Water hydrates your body as well as the mucous layer.
– The usual practice inward breath in the morning and before going to bed, as this soak your mucous layer; sniff disposal of saline and clean your nose. Your mucous film should be saline

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