Immigration raids affect community health, study finds

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Immigration raids affect community health, study finds ;

special Agents ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) arresting suspects during a raid in 2010 in Houston. Credit: ICE via Wikimedia Commons

Immigration raids could have significant effects on the health of the surrounding community, further marginalizing people and avoid seeking health services, according to a new study.

The study by the University of Michigan Public Health was based on a survey that was underway when a raid took place in November 2013 in Washtenaw County in southeastern Michigan.

The study found that people, including those born in the U.S, were less likely to seek government services after the raid and less likely to get involved with their community.

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The study also showed a decrease in self-perception of health among members of the community, with 55 percent of respondents who rated their health as excellent or very good before the raid. But 51 percent said their health was excellent or very good after raid .

“People may not realize it, but it affects the whole community on a daily basis. These are our friends and family, students and co-workers. They are the people that food is prepared, care our children, “said William Lopez, a doctoral student at the School of Public Health and one of the researchers on the project.

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Daniel Kruger, principal investigator of the study, said. “Even if we can not change immigration policies or prevent attacks from happening, people should know that they can access these services if they know how the system works and what works and does not would risk, I hope that people would be more likely to use those services. “

He added, “One thing that agencies can do is explicitly tell people in your marketing materials using their services will not put them at risk of being deported.”

The study was published in Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health .

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