Incredibly brave mother who delivered her own baby 10 pounds in the car birth video

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Incredibly brave mother who delivered her own baby 10 pounds in the car birth video ;

  • a video released Thursday shows a woman deliver her own baby in the passenger seat of a car on the way to a maternity center Houston
  • a man, believed be her husband and the child’s father, filmed the birth while driving
  • the child 10 baby pounds is the third child of the couple, after two daughters, aged two one

a Texas woman who gave birth to a baby 10 pounds in the front seat of a car last week, while her husband recorded everything is speaking.

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Lesia Pettijohn, 22, of Lake Jackson told her husband to record their birth once realized the baby would arrive before they could reach a maternity center Houston.

‘probably I was freaking out more than it should have. But I really did not want him in the car. I was scared. I did not know if she was breathing well or if he needs anything else, ‘said Lesia KTRK.


However, the mother of three children must have been playing modest because the footage of Go-Pro that has gone viral since last Thursday shows quiet woman picked keep together in a crazy situation.

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Lesia explained that gave birth to that baby herself and her husband, John, 24, drove down the road to the center of Bay Area Birth at his insistence. He said he was afraid they might need help at any time and do not have a cell phone.

Fortunately, everything went well.

“When he was gone I was like I have to push the rest of it out and grab him and pick up and I was like, what do I do, what I wrap it in? My shirt is quite long, I conclude that you ‘Lesia said.

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And now little Josiah, only days old, it is a star.




Video contains images of some viewers may finance disturbing

The incredibly brave mother who delivered her own baby 10 pounds in that video birth car first appeared in Health Advisory Group .

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