Psyllium – Medicine for constipation and digestive discomfort

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psyllium, also known as the Indian banana is the form of a fiber made of Plantago ovata plant.

Psyllium is known that works as a natural laxative, absorbs water from the intestines, makes easier excretion and naturally helps with constipation.

Constipation is a common problem to most people every day because of unhealthy foods and often can cause many health nuisances such as hemorrhoids and anal fissure.

Psyllium is commonly recommended for people who suffer from constipation, but consummation of psyllium can help with other complaints. For example consummating 10 g of psyllium daily probiotics can help in the treatment of Crohn’s disease.

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psyllium reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease

Researchers have shown that psyllium can help the regulation of cholesterol that lowers the risk of heart disease. Regular and healthy cholesterol level is very important, especially for people over 50 years.

High cholesterol is one, but the most common way your body shows that he is not satisfied with the way of nutrition and fiber psyllium will help you lower it, the regulation of lipids and strengthening the heart muscle.

If you suffer from high cholesterol, your doctor advice on import through psyllium fiber or other nutritional products. healthy nutrition can have a major impact in preventing various heart diseases.

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Except psyllium fiber can be found in grains, fruits and vegetables.

psyllium helps with diabetes

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a problem for many people, especially those with chronic diseases such as diabetes. Except that reduces the risk of heart disease and regulates the level of blood sugar, psyllium can help you lose weigh and maintain a healthy body weight.

Thanks to its ability to absorb liquids, psyllium gives the feeling of fullness that helps control the amount of food eaten and in the regulation of sugar levels in the blood which is especially important for people with type 2 diabetes

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Where to find psyllium?

Psyllium more often can be found in powder form and the capsule. We recommend that you add psyllium powder in the products they need to add density or volume, such as pancakes and pastries is done instead of flour or yeast.

Because of its easy texture is easily combined with many other foods and may use without remorse, because it is low in calories. Psyllium can be found in major health food stores.

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