The man with eye cancer diagnoses Because to do at night!

Mar 22, 2016 | | Say something

Have you heard the latest news? This man of 40 years old, was diagnosed with cancer in the eye with conjunctivitis. A recent study by the group of medical experts, found that the green light from the screens of mobile phones may be the cause of death of retinal cells of humans and can affect our vision. When we use our mobile phones in a dark room or a room with low light conditions (for long), the electron beam directly into the eyes. You should be very careful, because we all do this. We all looked on our mobile phones, especially before going to sleep. This will cause conjunctival dry for a long time, which can be the cause of eye cancer and blindness. This 40-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, went to the doctor when I could not see clearly.

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The doctor has found that your albumin turned red because of serious injuries. It’s probably because you always use your mobile phone for at least 1 hour in a dark room before bedtime. This has caused some serious eye problems – his vision was severely wounded and there were some signs of eye cancer. Well, the real problem was that doctors could not do anything in this case, due to the replacement of retina is an extremely difficult job for our current medicine. Always be careful not to use their mobile phones all the time, especially in a dark room. This can be very dangerous. Spread the word -. Share this article with your friends and family

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