Todays Health Tip: Period Tracker APPS from Women’s Health Day

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Women’s Health Wednesday: Five interesting applications to help track ovulation and menstrual cycles
Keeping up with menstruation and ovulation time can be quite difficult, especially if you are on a tight schedule.

Thank God for the advancement of technology, application developers have now created a way for every woman to manage best worst days / with these easy to use practical applications.

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Here are five great useful applications to help all women to keep her menstrual cycle and ovulation in check.



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Kindara tracks oral temperature of a woman when she wakes up in the morning and tells you when she is ovulating. cervical fluid is also used for weighing consistency (sticky, creamy, egg white, aqueous) and tells the woman when her body is preparing to ovulate. note of your menstrual cycle is taken from the first day of your period, and the flow level to remind you when your next period is due.


Ovia incorporates multiple fertility and key health indicators, like eating and sleeping habits, to predict ovulation. He also claims that he can make the pregnant users up to 3 times faster than the national average. Just ask your CEO educated at Harvard, who developed proprietary algorithms application for him and his wife to conceive help.

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look at your phone to know when your next period or PMS comes. Track uses an algorithm to calculate and predict their own unique cycle. The longer runway is used, the more accurate it becomes. Track includes educational material about the menstrual cycle, in response to questions like: Is my normal cycle? When I can get pregnant? What is PMS?


The application takes the guess work out when to expect a visit from your monthly friend and makes it easier to find out when she is most fertile by entering simple data and graphics .

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natural cycles

By using the algorithm biostatistics, natural cycles uses the temperature readings of each woman to determine when you’ve ovulated and when it is likely to ovulate in the next cycle, identification when you can and can not become pregnant, with 99.9% accuracy.

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