Watercress and broccoli: powerful allies in the fight against cancer

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watercress and broccoli are vegetables or you like or do not like at your table. However, perhaps some of the recent studies will convince you otherwise, and these two herbs could find their place in your menu.

Recent studies demonstrated that watercress and broccoli reduces the risk of some cancers and increase the level of anti-cancer properties. It was also found that these green vegetables protect human DNA from damaging.

broccoli against cancer

This vegetable reduces the risk of colon cancer, breast and prostate cancer. These herbs also contain glucosinolates a phytochemical that produce isothiocyanates, and that’s what gives them anti-cancer properties.

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The compounds found in watercress can “turn off” the signal sent to the tumor tissue in the body and thus prevent the tumor from growing.

vegetables that kill cancer cells within 24 hours

By long it has been known about the healing properties of watercress and broccoli. There was even a recent study that noted that when these vegetables are chewed, compounds and enzymes and phenethyl isothiocyanate (phenyl isocyanate) are formed. Many of these compounds can cure cancer.

does not cure cancer chemotherapy deliberates only symptoms of cancer. Original cancer cells remain alive. This is a main reason why cancer can be repeated.

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It has been found that the original cells of cancers can be cured phenethyl isothiocyanate within 24 hours. This is why you would like to eat broccoli and watercress. Try to import as much as possible of this nutritious vegetables because your body needs it!

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