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Eating dried plums for healthy and strong bones: Study

Jul 5, 2017 | | Say something

Eating dried plums for healthy and strong bones: Study ; A recent study published in British Journal of Nutrition found three important ways in which dried plums contribute to healthy and strong bones. This study was carried out by the r he researchers at San Diego State University and Florida State University. Fifty-seven million people […more]

You never Throw Away Again Pan after seeing this (Video)

Jun 28, 2017 | | Say something

Many people buy too much bread, do not eat, and the next day is old, stiff and almost unusable. What if we say that the old bread can be saved? Save money and do not dispose of old bread with this simple trick. cooking tips like this are the best! Rachel will show you all […more]

The growing ginger at home

Jun 16, 2017 | | Say something

We have long known about the healthy properties of ginger and doctors recommend, but how they should grow in a pot at home? The only material that is needed is a pot with soil and a ginger root, which resembles a human hand with its shape. It is best to choose, Äúhand Au over, Äúfingers […more]

9 foods that reduce cholesterol

Jun 13, 2017 | | Say something

What are we supposed to eat when the level of blood cholesterol is high? In addition to increased physical activity, you also need less animal fat. Excess weight is directly related to increased levels of triglycerides and cholesterol, ie, the risk of heart disease and therefore weight loss is the first step in the fight […more]

Old tea recipe Body Cleansing

Jun 13, 2017 | | Say something

The tea recipe for cleansing the body is thousands of years and comes from the ancient India. This tea for detoxification of the body is also used successfully in India against nausea, intestinal worms, vomiting, removing toxins and modern science also found effective in preventing cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia .. . tea recipe most popular […more]

Do your best quality diet by eating almonds, cashews

Jun 2, 2017 | | Say something

Washington, Jan 20: Including nuts like almonds , Brazil nuts, cashews , hazelnuts, macadamias, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios and nuts , in the diet can improve nutrient adequacy for most nutrients, and better diet quality. A new study compares the dietary adequacy and quality of nutrients they consume nuts and consumers of non-tree nuts in […more]

Top 5 Foods to eliminate cellulite and prevent

May 30, 2017 | | Say something

Certainly, now you think that summer is still far away, but if wants to receive it in the best way, you should start preparing your body now. Cellulite is one of the biggest and most persistent enemies of the female body. Like us, cellulite is waiting sweet, comfortable armchairs, cocktails. However, there are things we […more]

3 cups of coffee a day reduce the risk of liver cancer

May 10, 2017 | | Say something

An investigation was conducted by Italian researchers showed that three cups coffee a day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 50%. It is the sixth most common disease and the third most common cause of death. According to the author of the latest survey, Dr. Carlo La Vecchia, of the Institute of Pharmacological […more]

The most powerful natural remedy – Turmeric

May 9, 2017 | | Say something

This is considered to be a very healing herb. He was known as such makes 5,000 years. It contains potent antioxidants and has a positive effect on the body, such as protection against a variety of diseases, from cancer to problems with digestion. Turmeric is one of the most powerful natural remedies. Active in healing […more]