That’s why we’re going to Freeze Your Lemons from now on!

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A new study showed that lemonoids, a naturally occurring compound in lemons and other citrus fruits, prevents and stops the development of cancerous cells especially breast cancer!


Science says that nothing should be put aside when a lemon, interior, juice or seed is eaten, especially not the shell!

The shell contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than lemon juice!

Besides having anticancer properties, lemons help rid the body of toxins, have an antibacterial effect on bacterial infection, work against internal parasites and worms, regulates blood pressure, work as an antidepressant and they are great in the fight against stress and neurological disorders.

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And there is an easy way to enjoy its taste as never before, especially the shell. Nobody likes to eat the lemon peel, but this way, will become a part of your plate each time.

is simple, free to take one of pesticides lemon (if you do not have your own home you can buy organic lemon in department stores or health food stores), wash well and put it in the freezer ( You can put all or can be cut).

When the lemon is frozen, take it out of the freezer and grate.

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Then you can add to salads, ice cream, soups, cereals, noodles, your favorite drink or anything else.

get a new full taste where you can enjoy your body and thank you and healthy.



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