Just add water: three delicious metabolism boosters

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It is not a secret that drinking enough water, you can keep your weight under control, but why not go a step further? By adding one of these three ingredients in a glass of water, will stimulate additional burning calories and accelerate metabolism.


Citrus Fruits By adding citrus in the water, you can accelerate the process of burning fat and have more energy. Lemon and orange are especially good sources of vitamin C and help burn fat at the cellular level. This means that by adding vitamin C, can increase fat burning, and all you have to do is add three or four thin slices of lemon or orange in a glass of water.

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chopped cucumber yourselves clean and stimulate metabolism by drinking a glass of water with cucumber. The effects of this natural diuretic that contains potassium and vitamins A and C, are cleaning toxins and stimulating metabolism. Add six to seven slices of cucumber in a jar of water, let it sit for a while and then reward yourself with a refreshing drink.

cayenne pepper

Cayenne Pepper Although this type of water does not sound tempting, give it a try. Studies show that capsaicin cayenne pepper can stimulate metabolism very quickly after consumption and keeps you feeling full longer. Cayenne pepper itself is not attractive enough, so you should try the following – mixing pieces of strawberries, blueberries and half a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in the water. You get a surprisingly sweet drink that will accelerate the burning of calories.

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