(RECIPE) Keep your feet: My neighbor is 57 years old, she used this remedy and feet are like a young girl

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In this article we will show how to make the most potent mixture of 2-ingredient against calluses, blisters, cracked heels and removing the thick, rough skin of the feet in just 10 days. First, you should know that this home remedy is truly amazing. In just 10 days you will be surprised by the results – your feet will look 20 years younger. Therefore, you should read the article below and learn how to make and use this amazing home remedy for cracked heels.

– Cracked heels aesthetic and health problem

Some people think that cracked heels are just a cosmetic problem, but the real truth is that if left untreated in time – cracks will become more profound and painful, so it will become a health problem. Therefore, if cracked heels are not treated on time, dirt accumulates inside and cracked skin can become infected. And you should know that this can be a very serious problem. Therefore, that is why it is very important to react in time and take all necessary measures. You should also know that the thickening of the feet usually because of excess dead skin cells, which often leads to poor blood circulation and low elasticity occurs. However, you should not worry, as this can be solved with the pumice stone or file. You should do this when the skin is soft heels, so you can do after a shower or bath. And you must remember this -. should not remove dead skin cells with a sharp object as it can remove excess skin on the heels, which can cause infection

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When finished with this (the removal of dead skin cells of the feet), then you need to nourish the skin on your heels. It is necessary to nourish the skin to accelerate the healing process – after treatment. Well, you should not worry, because there are many different creams and home remedies you can do at home. These creams and remedies are very useful to nourish and moisturize the skin on your heels. Olive oil or coconut – these two oils are very useful and beneficial in the hydration and nutrition of the skin on the feet. This is what you have to do – just apply a little oil on his heels and massage in circular motions and leave for a while. As we said at the beginning of this article, we will show how to make more effective two-ingredient recipe, which will help with your cracked heels. This mixture of 2-ingredients is very simple and easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions. This is what you have to do.

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  • 10 tablets of aspirin (300 mg)
  • 250 ml of brandy, or 70% concentration of medicinal alcohol


first, it is necessary to crush 10 aspirin tablets (300 mg), and make them as dust. Then, you need to mix the powder with 250 ml of brandy (or medical alcohol 70%) and leave for 1-2 days. This is extremely important – make sure you stir this mixture every night. How to use – first, it is necessary to dip a piece of gauze folded into it. Put the gauze soaked in this mixture on the heel (calluses, foot), wrap the foot with a nylon bag and put on his socks. You need to leave overnight. In the morning, when you wake up, you need to wash the feet with warm water, clean, and apply some skin nourishing cream or glycerin. Just after ten treatments you will be surprised by the results. The heels will be clarified and no trace of rough skin or hard deposits.

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should also know that you can clean your heels with a brush or heel heel stone, and then apply the cream. You should also know that you can use this mixture to treat painful areas in varicose veins (varices) as well. Simply massage the painful areas with this mixture and the pain will disappear immediately. You can use this tincture for the treatment of osteochondritis well. Massaging the painful place and the pain will disappear instantly.

remove the thick, rough skin of the feet with this incredible mix

This remedy is very simple and easy to do. Just follow the simple instructions. This is what you have to do – first, it is necessary to mix 5-6 crushed aspirins and a little lemon juice until a thick paste. Then, it is necessary to rub the paste on your feet, wrap with nylon, and put a hot towel or put on her socks. Wait 10 minutes, remove everything and wash your feet with a sponge or pumice stone – to remove dead skin cells. We really hope you find this article useful and do not forget to share with your friends and family. Thank you.

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