Top 5 herbal remedies for hand tremors

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Top 5 herbal remedies for hand tremors ;

Herbal Remedies For Hand Tremors

shaking hands is one of the obvious consequences essential tremor (ET) caused by excessive anxiety , tension, insomnia or a genetic mutation in a lot of cases.

Although there are a lot of inorganic drugs on the market as a cure for this, herbal remedies should always be the first option and should be considered as one of the most effective and prolonged remedies for hand tremors . There are 5 natural remedies available easily greater market acceptance

herbal remedies for hand tremors

skull cap

Skull Cap For Hand Tremors

hat is used traditionally as a relaxing of the mind that helps reduce anxiety of our brain and in turn reducing the tremors as a result of it. Since Recent clinical studies revealed that because of its soothing properties that can handle pretty well convulsion .Consuming cap a few grams per day or take a couple of cups of tea per day distilled cap can thus serve purpose of patients.

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Passion Flower

Passion Flower For Hand Tremors

Another herbal remedy for the problem of anxiety and seizures is flower passion, which is largely popular in Europe and America. Although most scientists are confused about why it is able to cure tremors, is accepted as true that the herb increases the level of an amino butyric acid chemical called gamma (GABA) in the brain . Increased level of this substance reduces the activity of brain cells, which decreases anxiety that helps fight hand tremors.


Valerian For Hand Tremors

This is one of the oldest medicines that are being used as a treatment for restlessness, anxiety and insomnia for centuries. Like some other herbs this is works by increasing levels of GABA in the brain, but this is recommended as the safest herb among all . It is usually consumed as infusion suggests mixing the dried root of the tree of valerian and hot water two or three times a day.

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fish oil or cod liver

Fish oil or cod liver along with its many other advantages, it can be proven as a very good herbs for neurons of our brain. also it helps reduce inflammation and therefore can keep fit and fine neurons .Inflammation can certainly make the situation for the patient shoddier hand tremors like any other disease. Therefore, it is important to keep inflammation in check and fish oil or cod liver does undoubtedly better.

Fish Oil For Hand Tremors

Kava kava

In the Pacific Islands an herb called kava kava used as a ritual drink that this goal was also widely accepted as an agent unwound . Although no one can say for sure why this herb works as a calming agent but it is assumed that the relaxing properties of this herb is responsible for the fight against nervous disorder, insomnia and anxiety, which are the main reasons for the return in the tremors.One hand this herb is that it has a tendency to cause liver damage. So it is recommended to have this grass strictly under the supervision of a nutritionist or doctor.

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Kava Kava For Hand Tremors

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