Home remedies for baby teething

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Home remedies for baby teething ;

The process of Teething can be painful for the baby and parents. The drooling, irritability, diarrhea or loose stools, irregular sleep patterns are crying chronic symptoms of teething.

Baby Teething

The key is to ease your baby’s gums with home remedy teething mentioned .Here some useful tips that help baby teething pain.

home remedies for baby teething

borax and honey

Take borax (suhaga) roast the tava and make a fine powder. Take speck of dust, mixed with honey and gently massage your baby’s gums. It helps soothe sore gums baby.

Borax And Honey

Pure Desi Ghee

Take hot ghee pure desi and forehead baby massage and gently temple . It helps to alleviate problems arising from teething as fever, lack of sleep.

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Desi Ghee


Keep a carrot for a while and give the baby to chew. You can also give homemade carrot juice.

This will help to not have pain when teeth are coming out. Other frozen as strawberry, grape, apple fruit can also give baby to chew.

Carrot Juice

Tilasmi Moti

This is a kind of silver bead shaped rice and hole on both sides to poring black thread .It is available in Hyderabad, also known as Moti hyderabadi. tie the baby’s neck; before the first tooth comes (baby’s gums when you feel are hard) and let it stay until they leave the molars. No or minimal irritation, pain occurs at the time of teething.

Tilasmi Moti

Clove oil

Clove oil has warming and numbing properties. Clove oil can be rubbed on the gums to relieve pain , but only use a small amount; too much can affect the baby’s stomach.

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Clove Oil

chew toys

Make baby teethers, teething biscuits, and rusk to chew . Massaging your baby’s gums with a clean finger or soft toothbrush. Circulates blood to the surface of the gums and helps with teething.

Chew Toys

Allspice necklace

allspice is a cooking spice is in spices aisle of most grocery store. In order to make a necklace allspice, peppercorns boil their Jamaica for about 5-10 minutes and drain. Pass the beans with thread. Lazo in the baby’s neck, but make sure it touches the baby’s skin

Allspice contains tannin ingredient .; gums , so that the teeth come through quickly harden. necklace allspice can stay on 24/7 with no harm to the child. It only works when in contact with baby’s skin; tie in the neck at the first sign of symptoms of teething.

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Allspice Necklace

almond Adam extract

rub almond extract gums for baby comfort and pain relief. Adam almond extract contains a small amount of alcohol, to numb the gums and provides relief in pain.

Adam’s Almond Extract


at the time of teething, give the baby a lot food with high levels of calcium and vitamin D. phosphoric Calcarea is basically a calcium powder that helps process dentition.

that is 100% natural and has no side effects. It is excellent for improving the circulation, bones and teeth. You can give 2 tablets per day (one in the morning and afternoon).

Calcium Food

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