Honey and lemon More effective than drugs to get rid of cough?

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When coughing attack, there are people who directly seek chemical drugs to get rid of the cough, but most prefer the traditional way like drinking lemon juice and honey. That actually is more effective? On the website of the National Health Service (NHS) of England, stated that in fact only little scientific evidence on the effectiveness of cough medicines. However, some ingredients in cough medicine reduces symptoms that interfere with, for example, reduce fever or treat nasal congestion.
Experts in the NHS actually recommend the use of “simple medicine”, and inexpensive as using honey and lemon to treat cough briefly . It is not written, there is no quick way get rid of cough caused by a viral infection. Diseases such as these usually disappear after the immune system against the virus.

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Research held two years also revealed that many popular cough medicines that do not work as they say in the advertisements ago. Most cough medicines also have low quality, even too much sugar. Dr.Tim Ballard (vice Royal College of General Practitioners) said that scientific evidence behind cough medicines are very weak, and there is no research that says that the drug can reduce the duration of illness. The experts also confirmed that medicine is not a cure for cough cough, but it helps reduce symptoms. When suffering from cough you should know is to recognize the symptoms of the most disturbing and select the most appropriate products.
Although briefly to cough more advisable to use natural materials, but by a cough that lasts long enough to see the doctor is still recommended. Dr.Tim added, if the cough last long, for example, over a week, underwent the child, or coughing up blood, causing shortness of breath, or accompanied by high fever, they are advised to consult a doctor immediately.
Coughing is a warning that should not be underestimated! Many people think often cough as a trivial condition, allowing hope and cough heal itself. But actually cough can also be a sign of more dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis. Coughing is actually the body’s defense mechanisms in the airways against foreign objects that enter the body, such as dust, food, smoke, microorganisms such as bacteria or viruses. Foreign objects that stimulate the cough center in the brain nerve, which in turn gave the body muscles cough command in order to remove foreign objects.
Cough divided into several types, one of which tuberculosis cough caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The bacterium that causes tuberculosis is spread through the air and one person to another. So it is not impossible that a person can be infected with tuberculosis with other coughing tuberculosis. However, someone who is already infected with TB bacteria is not necessarily directly showed signs of tuberculosis. Because if the immune system of a person is good, then the TB bacteria called dormancy or inactivity latent tuberculosis do.
Therefore, if you suffer from a cough does not improve soon, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately. In order to do more research to prevent or detect in time the possibility of a dangerous disease. Honey and lemon More effective than drugs to get rid of cough? , article source: http://www.gethealthiness.com/2015/08/honey-and-lemon-more-effective-than.html

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