Do You Know What The Half Moon Shape On Your Nails Means The Answer Is More Important Than You Think!

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you have probably noticed the white area around the nails, but do you know what? It is called the lunula, originally from the Latin word meaning “little moon”. It is the most sensitive part of the nail and very prone to damage.

The white color of the “crescent” is only apparent, because the fifth basal layer of the epidermis. White color, in fact, hidden blood vessels located below and is more visible in the thumb. However, in some people, it is not visible.

The reason why some people are less visible or not all the thickest layer of the skin around the toenails and fingernails should cover the lunula.

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If the lunula is damaged in some way, it is quite possible that the entire nail is deformed.

states that alternative medicine can discover a lot about your health just by the shape of crescent. According to Chinese medicine, lack of lunula is a symptom of diabetes or anemia.

If the lunula is red, it may indicate cardiovascular problems.

Moreover, the lack of lune can also be a song of indigestion, which is caused by the accumulation and slow metabolism.

According to many medical experts, those who have 7 or 8 lune on your nails are healthy. In the event that the said single structure on his thumb, which can be a song of kidney failure. As can be done on your own, lune is a sign of how healthy you are. So if you notice any changes in your nails, you should definitely get checked.

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