What to do with Dandelions

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What to do with Dandelions;

What to Do with Dandelions

What to do with dandelions, They are more than a weed!

Have you ever wondered what to do with dandelions in your yard? Sure, most people see them as a nuisance and want to get rid of them, but really, should be harvested due to its amazing health benefits.

Actually I’m trying to grow dandelions in my yard, I am very envious of those whose land is covered with them!

Benefits of dandelions

Dandelions have many health benefits and uses that is why it is a great idea to keep them. Every part of the dandelion has a medicinal use; the root, stem and flower. Dandelions can be used as a natural remedy for many aliments.

dandelions have been used in Chinese medicine and oriental for hundreds of years.

dandelion helps / has been used for:

blood -Purify
♦ Treat cancer
-Cleanse and detoxify the liver
♦ Treat skin diseases like acne
-Natural diuretic
-Improve digestion
-Reduce oxidative stress

Dandelions contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals and can improve your health. A cup of dandelions contains more than 112% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A and 535% of the daily amount of vitamin K. Green dandelion are also rich in potassium, vitamin C and calcium.

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When you go foraging for dandelions, be sure to use your own yard or in any area where it is known that chemicals have not been used.

7 Ways to Use dandelions

1. Make a salad of dandelion – A simple way to add teeth lion to your diet is to grab dandelion leaves, rinse them off and throw them in your salad! You can combine dandelions with other vegetables, lettuce or spinach. dandelion is commonly used in salads and great taste! The whole plant is medicinal, even the flower can be added to the salad.

2. Juice Your dandelions – Another great way to add raw dandelions to your diet is to put them in a blender. You can add a lemon or other fruit flavor. Dandelions could also be added to a smoothie if you have a juicer.

3. To make dandelion tea – Almost all natural foods stores carry the dandelion tea, but why not make your own that you know is organic and it has not been stored on a shelf for months. You can make tea with the roots of dandelion and / or on the greens. I usually use a combination of both. All you need to do is rinse greens and roots, dry (using a dehydrator or you can use an oven to heat at low temperature), hairs on them by using a knife or food processor, pour hot water on the teeth lion, and tension. According to a recent study, cancer patients noted significant improvements to consume dandelion tea. According to reports, the leukemia cells were forced into apoptosis (cell death).

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4. Dandelion as a wart remover -. To use dandelions as wart remover, break the stem and you should see a sticky / white juice like milk that can be applied to the wart daily

5. Infused Oil tooth lion – dandelion oil is great remedy to help relieve muscle or joint pain, but also has an amazing scent! To make the oil dandelion, pick a bunch of flowers and place them in a jar. Tear some of the flowers to loosen the petals and pour oil over the flowers until covered. Seal the jar and allowed to stand for about 2 weeks.

6. Make soup dandelion – Another way to add dandelions to your diet is to throw pieces of leaves or roots in your soup. Not only add great health benefits, but tastes delicious!

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7. Dandelion Tincture -Tinctures dandelion can be quite expensive, however, are very easy to do yourself. You can use vinegar, glycerin or alcohol to make the dye. To make a tincture of dandelion with vinegar, collect leaves and roots, rinse them off, chop them, and put them in a glass jar. Pour vinegar (this is the one I use) and seal the bottle. Some recommend stirring the mixture every day while soaking. On average, let stand for about 6 weeks, then strain the liquid that remains is its tincture! lion tooth tinctures are excellent for cleansing the liver and the average recommended dose is 10 to 30 drops per day. Dandelion root and leaf helps in stimulating the release of bile from the liver and used as a natural alternative for people with disorders of the liver and gallbladder.

Are you picking dandelions in your yard? What it is done with dandelions?


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